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Payment methods by Merch'nstuff


With iDEAL you during the order process the payment through your own bank . You pay in your trusted Internet payment, based on specific security methods of your own bank.


With your MasterCard credit card you can pay quickly and securely with printed.
Payment, enter the card data is made via a secure HTTPS connection.

When using HTTPS , the data which is sent encrypted. This makes it virtually impossible for malicious parties to know which data are sent . This secure connection is an SSL Certificate is required. This certificate is not to copy or reproduce because each domain a corresponding SSL Certificate is issued . SSL is the most used security protocol on the Internet.


If you are going to pay you type the Visa card number and expiration date . Sometimes you will also have to type in the last three numbers listed on the back of your credit card . The amount is recorded on your next billing statement . You can check this amount before it is debited from your account . Obviously, any insurance that you have with your card for your online purchases apply.


The order at the delivery address must be in the postal service , including the costs of cash on delivery paid in cash. Coupons (coupons) An order to pay to redeem a voucher coupon.

Bestelling plaatsen Account aanmaken

If you want to order via Merch'nstuff a product you can use an account. If you create an account so your data is available and you do not have to enter your personal information. Go to "Create Account" and fill in the required fields . Now click on 'Create' ... Once you are logged (by when 'login' to enter your account information), you can place an order.
Step 1
Click on the article of your choice 'Add to Cart'.

Step 2 Click on 'check'. Or you can continue shopping.

Step 3
Please check your details of your order.

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address Here you can specify the delivery address of your order. You can also fill your login data if you have created an account.

Payment Method
Next, choose how you want to pay: IDEAL, MasterCard, Visa or voucher.

Step 4
If you opt for IDEAL then choose a bank where you have an account. If you opt for the voucher you enter the number that was sent to you. See more information about vouchers at 'pay'.

Step 5
Now click on 'pay order'.
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